Wednesday, March 3, 2010


In the end, I think family is really important in this book. Denver's character really made me realize this. She loves her mother and even Beloved enough to face her fears and go outside of 124. She finally realizes that Beloved is a bad thing that is possessing her mother and making her weaker by the day. She seems to have to same realization her mother did 18 years before, in that, to make a better life for her family she must take action. I think she knows deep down Beloved must go and not stay at 124 anymore. It amazes me that the townspeople after hating Sethe for so long, finally rise up to help her. They finally realize that what she did was out of a mother's love and not because she was crazy. They in the end help her. It makes me think about people in society. How far would people go to help their family? Would you put aside your differences for the great good?

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