Wednesday, March 3, 2010


is one crazy book. There was twist and turns I was totally not expecting. I thought one thing would happen, but no the total opposite happens. It's interesting that you get each characters background story. These stories all play into the final product of the book. It is like each small detail is linked to the big picture. I liked the book, but honestly, in the end I did not know what to think. I knew Beloved had to go, and she did. I just do not honestly get the point of the story. It was a good and interesting read, but what? I'm not sure exactly what I learned here. I'm also not sure what Morrison's message was that she was trying to get across. I hope I get these answers cleared up in class tonight!


In the end, I think family is really important in this book. Denver's character really made me realize this. She loves her mother and even Beloved enough to face her fears and go outside of 124. She finally realizes that Beloved is a bad thing that is possessing her mother and making her weaker by the day. She seems to have to same realization her mother did 18 years before, in that, to make a better life for her family she must take action. I think she knows deep down Beloved must go and not stay at 124 anymore. It amazes me that the townspeople after hating Sethe for so long, finally rise up to help her. They finally realize that what she did was out of a mother's love and not because she was crazy. They in the end help her. It makes me think about people in society. How far would people go to help their family? Would you put aside your differences for the great good?

A Mother's Love...

I was really shocked when Sethe killed "Beloved."...but then again I wasn't. A mother's love for her children is so deep, that you would do anything to help your children. In her mind, logical or not, she though that if she killed her children she was in a way saving them. She didn't want them to have the life that she had at Sweet Home. She wanted better for them. In this case, better meant death. Sethe gave up her life of friends and neighbors at 124 to provide a "better" life for her children. After Beloved was dead, no one came by. She was a murderer and that's as far as people were willing to see. No one sees her deep love for her children and the real reason she did it. This makes me question what other parents would do in this situation. Would you go as far as to kill your children so they do not have to have the life you had?

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Beloved 1

In beginning this book I had one thought: crazyness. I really didn't understand the book in the first inital chapters. It took me a long time to really get into and understand the book. I was confused because it kept jumping from past to present and I could not get it straight. Then I realized that this was one of Morrisons plans in the book. It confused me at first, but later it kept me guessing. I began to slowly put the pieces together and understand why she was doing this. As the book goes on I tend to question myself and the hidden meaning...will I find it?